Cheaper by the Dozen - Trip Pooling Coming Soon

What is Trip Pooling exactly? You've heard of car pooling.  This is the same concept.  Travel is cheaper when you book for groups and we've noticed that trip pooling just isn't a thing and it should be! We are in the process of developing a trip pooling system to match people with others who are going to the same destinations at the same time and want to save by booking as a group. You have strangers next to you in hotels rooms and on the airplane anyway, right? Why not have at least one thing in common; you saved money booking a trip together! We are still working out the details, but very soon hope to introduce a platform for matching and assisting in matching people with their ideal destinations. 

In the mean time, send me a message and tell me where you like or would like to go and what time of the year you usually travel! Include your location and home airport. We promise we'll never share your information! 

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