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  1. Antarctica, Penguins, Arctic
    Antarctic Penguins
    If seeing every continent is on your bucket list (it's on mine!), then Antarctica is a must! And what does everyone want to see in Antarctica? Penguins, of course! Maybe that's just us. *Image courtesy Pixabay user MemoryCatcher.
  2. The Door to Hell; Turkmenistan
    The Door to Hell; Turkmenistan
    IN 1971, Soviet engineers accidentally drilled into a natural gas pocket. The hole then collapsed and created this crater that measures about 71m in diameter. Since this was too large to repair, they decided to burn off the gas, thinking it would only take a few days. Over 40 years later, it is still burning. The official name is Darvaza crater and is located in central Turkmenistan. *Photo courtesy NMKPhotography via filckr