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Who are we?
We are travelers. We are dreamers. We are bargain hunters. We are regular people, just like you! 

I created Trip Your List for a number of reasons. First, I have a quite sizeable list myself and I take it very seriously! I prioritize travel as a basic need and I think everyone else should too! This is Earth we are talking about! It's our home. Everyone should explore it. 

Second, people were always asking me how I afford to travel so often. When I tell them (and I always do) that I only had to pay X dollars for the trip, they always seem shocked. I am always a little shocked myself that they don't know some of the seemingly common knowledge travel tricks and hacks!

Third, so many people really believe they can't afford to travel! Everyone can afford to go somewhere! Don't believe me? Last month, I took two-week long beach vacations. Total cost for both combined? $257.00 including food, cocktails, camp fees and gas for my car. Yes, I was camping. Yes, the campground was free. And yes, the only cost was food, cocktails, and gas for my car. Anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, can travel. You just have to know how. 

So I created Trip Your List to show everyone that they can and must travel, and to help them start checking things off their list!  If you don't have a list? Tragic! See our Inspiration Section or pop over to the Travel Tips and Hacks blog to let us inspire you!

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments or inspiration of your own! 

                                                                                 Owner, Trip Your List

An overwhelming desire to travel and see the world

Yes, those are our some of our feet. Hanging off a cliff at Slieve League in Ireland. A must for your list! 

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Meet Sergeant Snuggles: Our resident deal hound. And our favorite travel companion.  

 The view from my last (free plus gas) vacation.  Padre Island, Texas

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Life is either a daring adventure 
or nothing at all 

    -Helen Keller

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