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Everyone dreams of going somewhere. Maybe you've never seen a majestic ocean or taken a breathe atop a regal mountaintop. Maybe your goal is to camp every free campground in the world or make one really big trip around the world. Maybe you are enamored with the cruise life or maybe road tripping is more your style. Maybe you're determined to see every continent or maybe just tour Europe once in your life. Or maybe you're like me and jump on every flight you can to go anywhere you can. In any case, these pages are here to help because everyone deserves to trip their list! 
But how can you afford it? This is the question I get asked more than anything else about my travels. How can I afford it? I've never been what anyone would call rich and what most would call poor. I don't have a secret trust fund or rich parents who fund my excursions. I don't even have a savings account. What I do have is an amazing wunderlust and a willingness to put seeing the world ahead of many other things in life. I make sure I get out and go somewhere at least once every three or four months. How? See Travel Tips and Hacks to find out how to travel on the cheap (or even free) and get insider information from us and our guest bloggers. 
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There's a Great Big Wonderful World Out There

Did you know that there's an ancient city fully submerged under a lake in China? Have you ever heard of the pink lake in Western Australia? Did you know that glaciers had caves inside them that you can explore? How about Nepalese towns that can only be reached by foot? Did you know Panama has the cheapest booze in the world because they have no sin tax? Were you aware (before I wrote about it above) that there were thousands and thousands of places you can camp for free in the world? Did you know that the seven wonders of the world keeps changing and there is no actual definitive list aside from the very first one made by the Ancient Greeks (who hadn't even seen most of the world yet.) And how long has that Buddha over there been carved into that mountain?There's a great big wonderful world out there.  Head over to The Wonderful World to check out some places you may, may not, definitely have and definitely have not heard of. 

Trip Pooling? 

 What is Trip Pooling exactly? You've heard of car pooling.  This is the same concept.  Travel is cheaper when you book for groups and we've noticed that trip pooling just isn't a thing and it should be! We are in the process of developing a trip pooling system to match people with others who are going to the same destinations at the same time and want to save by booking as a group. You have strangers next to you in hotels rooms and on the airplane anyway, right? Why not have at least one thing in common; you saved money booking a trip together! We are still working out the details, but very soon hope to introduce a platform for matching and assisting in matching people with their ideal destinations.  

It's coming soon, but in the mean time, contact us and let us know where you like to or want to go and when you usually travel. 

Let's Travel The World Together 

Trip Pooling